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Customized Optical Filter/ Sapphire window/ Lens cover

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We Are professional Optical components supplier in china.
 Here you can find all the optical components you need, and purchase them in a satisfactory price!

 Our mian products for beauty equipments as below:

 Sapphire/Quartz Light Guide Block(with cutoff coating 950nm~1200nm);

 Sapphire /Bk7 Filter (Band pass filter,430nm,480nm,530nm,580nm ETC);

 Sapphire Protect window for 808 diode laser machine( 808nm AR coating,532nm,1064nm ETC.)

  Tooling Tolerance(Length,Wideth,Hight): ±0.05mm

  Surface Quality: S/D 60/40(best 20/10)


  Size: Customized

  Materials: Sapphire, BK7, Quartz,CaF2 ETC.